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Ordinary in the Extraordinary

This is the story of an ordinary guy who stumbled across an extraordinary ladder.

Ordinary in the Extraordinary: A Tale

Chapter 1:

An ordinary guy from an ordinary planet living an ordinary life saw something extraordinary in the sky.

A ladder!

The ladder was white with something scribbled on its steps. This white ladder streched all the way into the clouds with no end in sight.

At first, he thought that maybe he should just continue his ordinary life but one thought that his mind cooked, made him anxious.

The ordinary guy thought to himself, what this ladder could mean. He thought that maybe someone extraordinary forgot it here and they might be looking for it so he started climbing.

Chapter 2:

When the ordinary guy touched the extraordinary ladder he felt a different sensation.

It was something that he never experienced in his ordinary life.

He craved extraordinary knowledge.

He felt curious.

And he felt his ordinary life slipping away from him.

He was sad and excited at the same time.

"I can go back to my ordinary life at any time but this extraordinary ladder won't come back and I won't be able to meet the extraordinary beings who forgot it on my ordinary planet" he ignored his sadness and followed his curiosity.

As he started climbing, he felt a strong force on him. The force of kind, yet dangerous Miss Gravity. She kept trying to pull him back towards his ordinary life. She wanted to stop this ordinary guy from doing something extraordinary because it was risky but the ordinary guy kept going up.

The ladder, in response to Gravity, tilted itself to make it easier for the ordinary guy to climb.

The ordinary guy was now able to climb at a much faster speed and he reached the world of clouds.

He has only ever seen ordinary white clouds so these Extraordinary colorful clouds shocked him.

He looked down to see how far he had come but it was a big mistake.

His fear of heights that he overcame in his childhood came back. He felt scared.

Just then the wind stopped and the clouds covered the entire sky below him. The ordinary planet was now covered with clouds. Now, he was not able to see anything. It was as if he is above a big ball of cotton candy.

Feeling calm, he took a quick look around him.

He saw a bunch of balloons flying away. Maybe some kid somewhere let go of these balloons or maybe they were from a party. He remembered all the ordinary things you can do with a balloon.

Maybe the balloons belonged to someone adult. Someone, who had a dream to do something extraordinary in life. But they gave up these balloons and their dream and now the balloons, just like other extraordinary things live in this extraordinary world of clouds.

The ordinary guy didn't had extraordinary dreams. All he wanted was to return this extraordinary ladder to its owners.

So he kept climbing.

Chapter 3:

As the ordinary guy kept climbing the extraordinary ladder, he stumbled across something.

Something that was not of his ordinary world but the other... extraordinary world.

It was a shadow.

A spiraled shadow.

This shadow kept getting bigger and bigger as he kept climbing higher and higher.

This shadow belonged to something that lived over the highest clouds.

The ordinary guy thought that maybe this is the extraordinary being who lost his extraordinary ladder on the guy's ordinary planet.

He kept climbing.

As he was getting closer to the most dense layer of clouds, the ladder started vibrating.

The scribbling on the steps of ladder started glowing.

The ordinary guy didn't know what this scribbling meant but his gut was telling him to avoid touching this extraordinary glowing scribbling.

Maybe touching it would make it impossible for him to return to his ordinary life.

He didn't wanted that to happen.

As he was climbing he realized that the wind has vanished completely. There was no trace of movement in the air.

It was as if he jumped away from the ladder, he would float.

But the ordinary guy knew that this was a trick by someone to make him give up on this extraordinary ladder and fall back to his ordinary life.

The ordinary guy was not easy to be fooled.

He tightened his grip even more.

And smirked to himself, proud of thinking clever thoughts.

He soon realized that he only needs to climb a couple feet more and he will meet the extraordinary beings.

This thought excited him but also scared him.

What if the extraordinary beings are not happy with him using their ladder?

What if they push him and he falls down back to his ordinary life?

What will he do?

Chapter 4

The ordinary guy finally climbed through the dense clouds using the extraordinary ladder.

Above the dense clouds, lived the gods of dreams and aspirations.

The god of dreams looked upon the ordinary human approaching them and thought "this is no place for a human being to wander!"

"Hello Mr., I am looking for the owners of this extraordinary ladder, are you the extraordinary owner?"

The god of dreams looked at the ladder stretching into the infinite. They knew what this ladder meant and where this ladder was going to end at.

They knew the owner

The god of dreams and aspirations could not help him because the ordinary guy's dream and aspiration was to return this ladder.

The god cannot interfere to help a human achieve their dreams. The god simply made sure that all the elements to achieve a dream was accessible by everyone with equal opportunity.

"I am the god of dreams. I know not of your path that could lead to your destination"

The god spoke in riddles and the ordinary guy cannot understand them. He thought that this god was not the owner still, what was this god doing here? he became curious about the god.

"The three balloons that I saw floating down, whom did they belonged to?"

The ordinary guy asked in hopes to start a conversation with the god.

"Creatures of your species, who believe not in the dreams of the child who reside in their hearts, who spit black thoughts because of their black hearts are the ones losing their free soul"

The ordinary guy still didn't understand how a simple question could have such a complex answer.

He gave up talking to the god. He let out a prayer that he learnt as a child, touched the god and offered his gratitude.

This was the first time in a millennia that someone offered the god a prayer.

The god was impressed with the ordinary guy's etiquettes and with a spell broke their oath.

They revived the ordinary guy's spirit and gave his body clean water and all the nutrients he needed in his arduous journey.

The god knew where this path will take him

The ordinary guy felt a strong freshness inside him.

This freshness reminded him of the days he spent on the beaches with his parents. The time where he felt most alive.

But this freshness gave rise to anxiety. What if he was going somewhere with no way to return. What will he do? He stepped on the ladder and took a deep breath in. Just then a white object flew towards him and vanished into the clouds. The god of dreams hid themselves and the entire world fell silent. The ordinary guy knew something was not right. He quickly started climbing but it was too late. The ladder broke and the ordinary guy fell.

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