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Dhruv Vyas

Writer, Director, Editor and Filmmaker.

Based in India.

The pandemic, in 2020, allowed me to do something that I had never done. Explore my inner world. I was studying Computer Science then and used to feel a void, an emptiness inside of me. I started expressing my thoughts through self-portrait photography, hoping to express my thoughts.

Since then, I have developed my style of storytelling through various mediums that I am refining every day.

I found my dream too.

To tell stories that transcend reality. Inspired by Brit Marling, Sam Lake and many of the well-established storytellers whose work influence me.

Currently, I am working as a social media video editor helping brands make an impact through short-form content and on the side I am working on my first short film, "Deaf to Happiness" made entirely solo to explore the farthest reaches of my creative consciousness.

Check out my Instagram @sincerelydhruv.



2018 - 2022 Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering 

2020 - 2020 Photography Basics and Beyond from Michigan State University.


2020 - 2020 Singer-Songwriter Specialisation from Berklee College of Music

2020 - 2020 Creative Writing from Wesleyan University.


Level Two Seller on Fiverr

Viewbug's Top Choice Photo Award


Exhibitions & Festivals

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